As you all know, if you read this site with any frequency, I am a pathological fan of the Stargate franchise.  I was naturally excited when I learned that many of the producers, writers, and actors of the original series had organized a so-called “Tweetstorm” for Friday March 9, 2018, that would force the topic of Stargate to a top worldwide trending Twitter topic, maybe garnering the attention of MGM to bring the show back in some capacity.

The time is ripe, right? There’s the new Stargate Command app, with the (crappy) 10-episode Stargate Origins micro web-series (that maybe I will review… if I can stomach it). And several other older shows are being brought back —X Files, Roseanne, Will & Grace, etc– so why not a show with a built-in enormous fan base and endless potential for creative storytelling and product spin-offs?

I believe the movement started with Stargate producer/writer Joseph Mallozzi. He put these instructions on his blog:


I don’t know if MGM was moved by the event. But I do know that we managed to reach #7 in worldwide trending Twitter topics. It was fun. It was silly. It was harmless. And it might bring back my favourite TV show.

So of all the foolish ways I could have spent my Friday night, this was not a bad way to go. The girlfriend had an overnight shift, so it was just me and the dog at home, cranking out the tweets.

Here are the ones that I sent:

  • The first time I saw Stargate SG-1, the first thing I noticed was the casual competence of Samantha Carter, how she had been written as a fully formed human being. That’s how I want all women to be portrayed in science-fiction. #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • I watch an episode of Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis every single day. It’s comfort food. #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand @StargateNow
  • Why can’t we have smart, funny, family friendly, and truly heroic sci-fi like Stargate again? #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand @StargateNow
  • I wrote an entire essay on Why I Miss Stargate #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • I wrote an entire essay on how & why I still watch an episode of Stargate every single day http://skiffy.ca/2011/01/09/return-to-the-stargate/ #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • This was my review of “Stargate: Continuum”, which I still watch regularly http://skiffy.ca/2008/07/15/review-stargate-continuum/ #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • This was my review of “Stargate: The Ark of Truth”, which I still watch regularly http://skiffy.ca/2008/03/13/review-stargate-sg-1-the-ark-of-truth/ #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • This was my review of the Stargate SG-1 series finale “Unending”, which really should not be the ending. Wink Wink. http://skiffy.ca/2007/03/16/review-stargate-sg-1-finale-unending/ #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommnd @StargateNow
  • One special moment in Stargate SG-1 I loved was when Hammond told Jack that the US government doesn’t interfere in th affairs of other nations. Jack: “Since when?” Hammond: “Well, since now.” Or something like that. Simultaneous acknowledgement of reality, with a sustained respect for the institutions it represents. What a smart show. #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand @StargateNow
  • Come on! Look at all this love! Bring this show back, damn it! #StargateRising @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand @StargateNow
  • I watched all the shows. I read the comic books. I listen to the podcasts. I write bloody ESSAYS about the show. Just bring back Stargate. Just bring it back. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • You know what? Love of Stargate is one of the important things I have in common with my girlfriend’s mother. That’s right, Stargate allows my relationship to exist! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • My second favourite SG-1 episode of all time was “Window of Opportunity.” It’s the one with which I will try to get my girlfriend hooked on the show. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • My all time favourite SG-1 episode was “A Matter of Time.” I’ve actually shown it to people in at attempt to explain black hole physics and time dilation. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • I once had a job interview and was asked who my favourite actor was. I said @AmandaTapping. Guess what? She was also my interviewer’s favourite actor! Didn’t get the job, but at least there was a connection! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • I was promised a scene on Moon for “Stargate: Extinction.” The Moon, people! Make it happen! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • Atlantis has to go back to the Pegasus galaxy. You can’t leave it outside of San Francisco! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • Look, @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios ….everyone wants their own “universe.” Why make a new one? You already have the best sci-fi storytelling universe ever created for American TV. Just bring it back and rake in the $$$. Trust me. @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • Baby steps, @MGM_Studios. Just do the promised once a year direct-to-DVD movies and stream them on your app. That’s a good start, right? Baby steps is all I’m asking for. @stargatecommand #StargateRising @MGMTelevision
  • It would take Baals to bring back a Stargate show, I know. But you’ve got at least one of them already! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • Here’s an idea: the team dials the gate, there’s an error, and they emerge into the Dark Matter universe on the bridge of the Raza! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • Didn’t think I could tweet new things about the same hashtag continuously for an hour, but here we are. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • YES! At the very least, please make Stargate: Extinction. I promise I will pay full price and not pirate it! @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • I really don’t understand how a rabid fanbase, enormous historical success, eager and willing writers, producers, and actors, and fertile ground for storytelling are NOT ENOUGH to warrant a new Stargate TV show. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • One of the many things I liked about Stargate that you can’t find on TV these days is that the heroes were heroic. They weren’t dark or conflicted or untrustworthy. They were real people who were also heroes. True role models. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand #StargateRising
  • One of the unexpectedly nice things about this #StargateRising experience is that I now know I’m not in some weird extreme minority as a passionate Stargate fan. There are lots of us out there! So this is what it sounds like…. when doves cry. @MGMTelevision @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand

But, unsurprisingly, I got the most traction from this reply to actress Amanda Tapping:

So that’s what I was doing Friday night.

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