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Remembering Babylon 5

This past week, for reasons even I’m not sure about, I re-watched the entire Babylon 5 saga. It was quite a reflective experience, not only for re-experiencing one of the most unique televised expressions of American SF, but also for the introspective effect that B5 unwaveringly has on its watchers. The show ran for five seasons, with four full-length TV movies, one spin-off series that was cancelled mid-season (Crusade), one abysmal spin-off pilot (Legend of the Rangers) and one rather good attempt at a made-for-tv movie-length miniseries spin-off (The Lost Tales). The movies were touch-and-go, ranging from vomit-inducingly bad to timelessly inspiring. But it’s the main series, the five year tale of the “last of the Babylon stations” that I’d like to take some time to think about today. Continue reading Remembering Babylon 5

Review: Lost Finale- “The End”

Warning: the following contains spoilers for the series finale of Lost.

I’ve written many times that the finest television series finale I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching was that of Babylon 5.  “Sleeping In Light” was emotional brilliance, effortless profundity that shone past its limitations of crappy special effects and pedestrian acting.  It worked because its writer, JMS, understood the nature of what he had created: a character study defined by archetypes.   Those needing didacticism were disappointed by the episode’s lack of exposition regarding a couple of dangling plot threads.  Those of us attracted to the esoteric were more than pleased. Continue reading Review: Lost Finale- “The End”

Review: Avatar

First, let’s get this out of the way.  Yes, Avatar was an unbelievable visual spectacle.  That’s what everyone will be talking about, I’m sure.  In fact, the quality of the 3-D effects, the richness of the visual world that James Cameron has created, and the thickness and believability of the visual characters are, without question, marvels to behold.  Is that enough to warrant the price of admission?  Actually, yes, I think it is.  In fact, 3-D might be Hollywood’s salvation against online piracy: you just can’t duplicate Avatar‘s big screen, three dimensional effect on your computer screen. Continue reading Review: Avatar

Review: Star Trek XI

The new "Spock" and the new "Kirk".
The new “Spock” and the new “Kirk”.

Well y’all knew this was coming.  Star Trekwas a huge influence on my life.  I know whenever someone says something like that, the common response is one of pitious disdain.  But people need to remember that science fiction was a rarity in the early 70s, and smart entertainment accessible by children rarer still.  Even more obscure were role models in such a milieu that were appreciable by ethnicities other than the White North American mainstream. Continue reading Review: Star Trek XI