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Bring Blood Ties Back to Life

Drive a stake through my heart. Blood Ties has been cancelled.

For those of you who have missed the 21 episodes, Blood Ties is the TV show based on Tanya Huff’s successful series of books. Huff’s books have been printed in seven languages and available the world over. All seven books have had multiple runs and the first – Blood Price – is now in its 17th printing. Clearly – her characters have a strong international following. Continue reading Bring Blood Ties Back to Life

Review: Stargate Sg-1 – "The Ark of Truth"


A long time ago, there was this great movie called Stargate, which surprised everyone by presenting a smart, well-acted, science-fiction adventure that was accessible to the slobbering masses. It successfully plumbed the tired old Erik von Daniken theories… you know, the ones about aliens visiting ancient cultures on Earth and helping our forebears to build such things as the Pyramids of Egypt (because, obviously, they were too dumb to do it without extraterrestrial help). Continue reading Review: Stargate Sg-1 – "The Ark of Truth"

Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures


For those who understand, I need not explain. But for those who still don’t, let me say it out loud: Doctor Who is the single most important character and phenomenon in the history of British science fiction, and possible the single most important and impactive character in all of science fiction. The Doctor is charm and adventure incarnate, a sort of James Bond for geeks and pacifists. That’s why any attempt to gleam off of the Doctor’s charm, universe or success is a dangerous proposition indeed, traditionally doomed to failure. Continue reading Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Review: Torchwood, midway through Season 2

Torchwood S2

When I first heard that one of my favourite TV shows of all time, Dr Who, was being spun off into an adult-themed modern show for a late night audience, a sort of “British X-Files”, I was quite excited. Then I heard that the man who brought Dr Who back from the dead, producer Russel T Davies, would be running the new show, and I despaired. Continue reading Review: Torchwood, midway through Season 2

Review: Stargate Sg-1 Finale, “Unending”

This article was originally a blog post on Deonandia


Well, I just finished watching the series finale of the longest running sci-fi show (10 years!) in American history, and certainly my favourite TV show for the past 6 years: Stargate SG-1. The show has declined in quality somewhat in the last 2-3 years. At one point, it was undeniably the smartest, most original bit of science fiction programming on mainstream US TV, and proudly featured a mostly Canadian cast and an entirely Canadian production team. In fact, its set has become somewhat of a tourist fixture in Vancouver, where the show was filmed for the duration of its run. Continue reading Review: Stargate Sg-1 Finale, “Unending”